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King’s Handbook of Newton was not written as a history book, rather its a guide book to all of the fifteen Newton villages as they were in 1889. It’s written in a slightly goofy, sometimes funny, mock poetic style of a 19th century city booster. It’s full of drawings, poems, anecdotes and curiosities about each of the villages.

The book is organized around a section for each village including the villages of “Riverside” and “Elliot”. The book is available for free on-line via Google books but this printed 340 page paperback version is being sold as a fundraiser to help with the rebuilding of the Emerson Playground in Upper Falls.

This is a straight ahead reprint with the original fonts, drawings, ads, etc.

As it says in the Foreword – “You will be contributing to a civic good in today’s Newton – something your 19th century Newton predecessors would certainly approve of.”

And as the 1889 Introduction says: “The publishers, too, have their acknowledgments to make to those well-to-do and generous citizens by means of whose pecuniary aid it is possible to offer this large and costly volume, with its one hundred and fifty illustrations, at a prices so low that each and every resident can easily afford to own one copy at home and perhaps send one or many copies to distant friends, or to present to guests, as a memento of their visits, or to place in the hands of acquaintances who are seeking suburban homes.”

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100% of the proceeds from the sale of these books goes to support the rebuilding of the Emerson Playground in Upper Falls