King's Handbook of Newton - Foreword

I stumbled on this book while poking around the Internet looking for some historical information about my neighborhood (Upper Falls).

This book is long, long out of print and in the public domain. Thanks to the wonderful work of Google Books (and others) this book and many thousands of others are available for free to everyone on-line.

There's something about the style of the writing here that I love. The combination of optimistic exuberance and over-wrought poetry gives a 19th century booster's view of our town.

I've decided to publish the book in print as a way to help raise funds for the re-building of the Emerson Playground in Upper Falls. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to that effort.

So thanks for your purchase of the book. You are contributing to a civic good in today's Newton - something your 19th century Newton predecessors would certainly approve of.

Jerry Reilly
Power of Upper Falls Press